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A collection of frequently asked questions about the Fujita Kanko Group Members Card.

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How do I sign up for a Membership Card?

Please sign up on the internet or directly at one of our participating locations.
*See here to sign up for a Fujita Kanko Group Membership Card.

Is there a sign-up fee or an annual fee?

When you sign up, a 300 Yen card issuing fee (tax included) will apply. (Fee will not apply during free sign-up campaigns.)
There is no annual fee.

Is there an expiry date to the Membership Card?

There is no expiry date.
However, please note that the Points do have an expiry date.

Is there a credit card feature to the Membership Card?

The Fujita Kanko Group Membership Card does not have a credit card feature.

Is it possible to possess several Membership Cards?

One member cannot possess more than one Membership Card.

Is it possible to change the name under which the membership is registered?

It is not possible to change the name under which the Membership Card is registered.
If someone other than the member him- or herself needs a Membership Card, it will be necessary to sign up anew.

here can Fujita Kanko Points be collected?

*See here for more information on the locations where Points can be collected.

How much do you need to spend in order to collect Fujita Kanko Points?

For every 100 Yen spent at a Fujita Kanko Group location, you will collect 4 Points.If you use a travel agency (including travel agencies or hotel booking sites on the internet),a flat rate of 50 points (per night) will apply, regardless of the amount you spend.

When will the Kanko Points you've collected be counted?

  • If you stay at hotel, the Points will be counted 1+ days after you check out (if you stay for more than one night,the Points will be counted after your final checkout).
  • If you do something other than spend a night at a hotel, such as dining or attending an event, the Points will be counted 1+ days after your activity.

If I pay in something other than cash, will I still get Fujita Kanko Points?

  • You will get Fujita Kanko Points if you pay with cash or a credit card (4 Points for every 100 Yen).
    *If you use a travel agency (including travel agencies or hotel booking sites on the internet), a flat rate of 50 points (per night) will apply, regardless of the amount you spend.
  • If you use a discount coupon or Points to pay, the number of Points awarded will be calculated on the basis of the total cost minus the discount or Point payment.
    *You will not be able to collect Fujita Kanko Points if you do not present your Membership Card.

If I forget my Membership Card, can I still collect Fujita Kanko Points?

If you do not present your Membership Card when you pay, you will not be able to collect Points.Therefore, please be sure to present your Membership Card.

How long are Fujita Kanko Points valid?

Points acquired by staying at participating hotels or eating at participating restaurants will remain valid until December 31, two years after you acquired them (maximum validity of 3 years).

Will I be notified of the expiry date of my Points?

You will not receive a separate notification about the expiry date of your Points.

What are Fujita Kanko Point ranks?

The ranks refer to a service by which, depending on your Points usage, you can accumulate more Points in the next year.
There are 3 ranks that depend on the Rankup points accumulated in one year.
【Regular】Collect 3999 Rankup Points or fewer
→In the next year, will get 4 Points for every 100 Yen spent
【Silver】 Collect between 4000 and 19,999 Rankup Points
→In the next year, will get 5 Points for every 100 Yen spent
【Gold】Collect 20,000 Rankup Points or more
→In the next year, will get 6 Points for every 100 Yen spent

What are Rankup Points?

Rankup Points are the Fujita Kanko Points that a member collects when spending money at applicable hotels, restaurants, etc.
Regardless of membership rank, Rankup Points will accumulate at a rate of 4 Points for every 100 Yen spent.

What is the time period during which Rankup Points will be counted?

Regardless of the sign-up date, the period will run from January 1 to December 31.

From when to when will the new rank apply?

From February 1 of the next year to January 31 of the year after that.

Where can I pay with Points?

You can only pay with Points at participating Fujita Kanko Group locations.
*There are some locations, restaurants and shops that are not participating.
*List of locations where you can pay with Points.
*See here for guidance on the "Point Payment Service".

I forgot my card. I have Points, so can I pay with Points?

Please always make sure to bring your Membership Card with you and present it to staff at the location.
If you do not show your card, you will not be able to pay with Points or collect Points.

What happens to the fractions resulting from the multiplication by 1.5?

  • The money amount you can pay with Points will be rounded down after the decimal point.
    (Example) If you have 1001 Points, multiplying by 1.5 gives you 1501.5 Yen, but you will only be able to pay 1501 Yen.
  • ・The number of Points you used to make a payment will be rounded up after the decimal point.
    There will be no fractions of Points.
    (Example) If you used Points to pay an amount of 1000 Yen, you would need to use an amount equal to 666.6 Points.This will be counted as 667 Points

From when can I start using the Points I've collected to make payments?

You can begin using the Points to make payments starting from the day after you collected the Points (i.e. your checkout date).
In other words, you can use them from the day on which they've been counted.

Can I collect more Points when I pay with Points?

No, you will not be able to collect more Points when you pay with Points.

I used Point payment to settle my bill when I checked in.
I still have Points, so can I use Point payment to resettle my bill?

Point payment can only be used once each time you settle a bill.
However, if you have accrued additional charges, such as by extending your stay, you can use Points to pay again.
*You will need to present your card in order to pay with Points.

Can I use Points to settle a payment of less than 750 Yen?

The Point payment service only applies to amounts of 750 Yen or higher.
If you want to pay an amount less than 750 Yen, please use cash, credit cards, etc.

Can I cancel a payment made with Points?

Payments made with Points cannot be canceled for any reason. Thank you for your understanding.

I lost my Membership Card. How do I issue a new one?

Cards can be reissued at Fujita Kanko Group locations. Please inquire at one of the locations.
Please note that a 300 Yen re-issuing fee will apply.
*We do not accept internet or e-mail applications to reissue cards.

What's WAON?

WAON is e-money that can be used within Japan. WAON e-money can be used in participating supermarkets, convenience stores, drug stores, shops and restaurants.
You will need to add credit in order to use WAON e-money.
*Fujita Kanko Points cannot be exchanged for WAON Points.
See here for details on WAON e-money.